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1053 RS Amsterdam




Eva Renia

+3120 7703 005

German speaking Communication, Sales and Marketing Intern

Über uns

Spryng ( is an ambitious and accessible company, founded in 2006 and located in the heart of Amsterdam. As an SMS supplier for the business market, we deliver our services worldwide to companies in every possible sector, enabling them to reach their customers easily and efficiently. Think, for example, of a message stating what time your purchase will be delivered at home, an appointment reminder from your doctor or dentist, a login or verification code to login securely or a discount code from your favorite store during a sale. All this and more, is what Spryng has done successfully for over a decade now! Companies have experienced through using SMS that processes are optimized, money and time is saved and an increased turnover can be achieved. But there are also other products that can contribute to this such as a Voice solution, products for two-way communication and an email2sms function. Recently we also added new fantastic products, such as official WhatsApp and RCS. We are currently experiencing enormous growth in the Netherlands and internationally, which is why we see great market opportunities in the Netherlands and abroad in the near future.


  • A student studying International Business, Communication, Business Administration, Marketing, Commercial Economics or a comparable study
  • Entrepreneurial, proactive and independent
  • Accurate, maintains overview and works independently
  • You ensure that you share your ideas with the team and that you immediately follow up on the feedback and action points.
  • You have a good understanding of the English language, both written and spoken
  • German native speaking


What will you be doing

During the internship you will work on the following three components: sales, support and/or marketing. If you are involved in sales, you will be given the opportunity to engage by bringing in potential customers. You will regularly be on the telephone or e-mailing to find out the wishes and needs of a potential customer and responding to these needs. Providing support means assisting our support staff via chat, telephone and e-mail, giving our customers correct information and answers to any questions. If you are involved in marketing, you will be helping to strengthen and expand both the name 'Spryng' as our network worldwide and increasing our online visibility. Social media plays an important role in this and you will be responsible for writing and designing posts. Next to this you will be carrying out market research, discovering product niches and help where needed. Furthermore, you will be expected to take active part in meetings, training sessions and brainstorming sessions.

Daily activities

  • Carrying out market research
  • Discovering product niches
  • Conducting (international) sales by e-mail, by telephone or by chat
  • Contributing to on-going marketing campaigns
  • Sharing relevant content with our customers and followers on our social media channels and via e-mail

Praktikum im Bereich

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Weitere Informationen

Beginn: Mid-August - September 2022

Dauer: 4 - 6 Months

Vergütung: 450€/Month